Disc Ventures creates throws with purpose, routes which stimulate, and layouts that flow like rivers. We strive to develop courses that force players to imagine new shots and make great throws. Trust inVENT to provide invaluable architectural guidance for your next course project.


Disc Ventures evaluates existing and prospective disc golf sites to help develop course routing, mitigate safety issues, prevent erosion, and improve the user experience. Our services focus on design criteria to help examine suitability, develop layout plans, generate a construction timeline, and determine budget. We help seamlessly incorporate disc golf into a variety of settings and multi-use sites and strive to create imperishable layouts that emphasize player satisfaction.  Contact us to schedule a consultation in order to gain valuable input, explore possibilities and create your playground.


Disc Ventures intuitive layouts incorporate challenge, balance, safety and flow into a cohesive package that appeals to both the property owner and course user.  Our knowledgeable and experienced course architects have a solid understanding of manufacturing improvements, flight patterns and player abilities. Our sustainable approach to course design aims to highlight unique natural terrain features and captivating views while allowing the landscape to dictate course configuration and routing. Disc Ventures course designs have been implemented at park facilities, private residences, school campuses, ski areas, festival sites, campgrounds and resorts.  View our completed courses.


Disc Ventures can help you acquire permits and equipment, develop final plans and create project timelines. Employing the proper tee, target, sign, and kiosk construction techniques are imperative to ensuring that your course installation is successful. Utilize our experienced team of licensed, bonded and insured sub-contractors to complete fairway clearing and regular maintenance for your course or we can help coach your crew through the process. Contact us to inquire about project costs and establish flight.